About Rock Bottom Betty

Denny and Richard Rock Bottom Betty has been entertaining audiences since 1996 with it's up-beat, creative renditions of popular music from the 40's all the way up to today's hits - and audiences love 'em!

Made up of business professionals and community leaders (who just happen to love music!) this band focuses on professionalism while delivering a fun, entertainment-packed show. Whether you're looking for some background music to highlight your event or project or you're looking for a complete package we take great pride in delivering more than you expect.

This band has entertained audiences at the Los Angeles Marathon, Glendale's 100th Anniversary, many clubs, parties, street fairs and music festivals all over Southern Calfornia. They keep getting re-hired because they are fun, energetic, professionals who are gosh-darned-easy to work with!

"Betty" isn't just another dance band, but a complete experience. Audiences become part of the music - not just a spectator or listener. Being able to draw you in is what makes this band a fun, exciting and uniquely personal experience.

If you haven't heard "Betty" yet, you're in for a treat!

The "Betty Experience"

Denny and Richard "Betty" is more than just some great music. It's an entire show!

From fun, upbeat dance tunes, engaging bantar, stage interactions, audience participation and so much more, audiences get to see, hear and be part of an amazing event.

Here's a taste of just some of the music from live performances:


I Saw Her Standing There

Running Down a Dream

The Way

Older Videos

Demo Reel